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Moments Photo Booth loves merchandising photo booth for your business - Big or small, young and old - EVERYONE has so much fun and we need you to be lucky, to be a part of the fun filled events that make everyone "SMILE!"

We manage and assist clients all over PAN India. With a number of booths successfully distributed across PAN India, you too can have your very own photo booth and enjoy the financial income and get the purest satisfaction a photo booth brings to your clients on a daily basis.

We provide a very responsive Photo Booth for your business whose top choice is the CUSTOMERS.

Our aim is to make sure you and your guests truly have an exceptional and memorable experience through candid Camera moments in our Photo Booth.

Never a dull moment with a Moments Photo Booth at your customer’s special event - Great memories for your CUSTOMERS and you for years to come! 

We would welcome the opportunity to earn your trust and deliver you the best benefit in the industry. 

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Customise Your Experience, Do It Your Way

Why You Need a Photo Booth at Your Customer Party

Want to create an awesome atmosphere for your customer’s party this season? Here are reasons why your awesome parties need a photo booth.

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Capturing Lasting Memories

How fun is it to look back on old yearbook photos and childhood pictures? It's amazing to see how much everyone has changed and to remember great life moments. An event or parties with a photo booth amplifies this effect. This only adds to the hilarity of the pictures.

Everyone Has Evidence

Fortunately, with your photo booth, everyone goes home with evidence of your awesome party. How will anyone be able to deny your awesome party-throwing skills when you whip out the pictures of everyone having a great time?

It's an Icebreaker

Well, if you mix up the party atmosphere with your photo booth, you have the perfect recipe for an icebreaker. When pictures are involved, nobody gets left out. This makes it a perfect opportunity for someone who may not know many people at the party to get involved in the photo booth shenanigans. Then, after the party is over, everyone will have made a new friend who they can identify in crazy photos instead of asking "who was that person...?" You can then share your photos with your friends on Facebook. Tag on, new friends, tag on!

If you want to be remembered as the Tune-up Photo Booth contributor to any event or parties this year, you need to BOOK a Moments Photo Booth NOW.



What Makes YOU So Special?


Our one plug solutions makes the Moments Photo Booth super easy to setup. Become a photo booth expert over night with the plug and play elements. Combining all of these elements together with the portability of the modern photo booth, means almost anyone with the desire to set up and run their own photobooth business in this lucrative market can build a very successful and profitable operation from just one booth.


The easiest photo booth in the market

Adding your own print templates? Customizing the backgrounds? No problem. Everything is right in the open for you to easily configure. Quickly set up multiple events in advance and have your operators load them on site without them even needing to see the settings. Load your previous settings to make event creation a snap.


Make your booth unique You don’t really need to change a thing, but if you want to make your booth stand out, you can easily use your own backgrounds, buttons and audio prompts.


Powerful advanced features.

Use the built in scenes or customize it with your own. You can even let the user select their own backgrounds.

What you'll need to build a photo booth


Two light sources (to eliminate each other's shadows and give you that smooth, flawless photo booth look)

A camera (even a well-equipped Smartphone)

A remote for said camera, and/or person(s) to man the camera


Family, friends, and fun!



Our Booths can be set up with a number of different backgrounds, depending on what kind of crop and picture you would like to get. This can be a more traditional curtain, a solid background with a graphic or colour, a large stretched fabric background or a paper roll. Our Booths can also be used with any existing background or set


You can choose to offer the necessary templates for whatever branding options that are great branding ideas to your clients.

Custom Online Galleries

You can create a custom web gallery for the photos. This can be customized with graphics and logos to match your branding or theme of your customer’s event.


Instant-print function delivers photos within few minutes.

Decide what kind of print you have: <.p>

A full-size single picture

All 3 pictures from your session (Photo Booth only)

All prints can be branded with a custom graphic, message or logo.

Quality Pictures

We strive to produce your client’s high-quality images.

Pump up Your Customers Party with a Photo Booth

We Help You Start or Grow Your Current Business with Our Cutting Edge Photo Booths & World Class Customer Service


How does the photo booth work?

Following the steps below:

1) Select props: Be creative!

2) Enter booth and press start

3) “Get Ready!” “3” – “2” – “1” – “SMILE!”

4) Repeat 3 more times: Strike different poses!

5) Finish and wait for photos!

6) You’re Pictures are Ready

Frequently Asked Question

Moments Photo booth– Dare to be Different!

Q1: How long does each session last?

A: Each session will last from 45-60 seconds from the moment you enter the booth to the moment you receive the pictures.

Q2: How many photo sets can be taken in an hour?

A: This can range from 40-70 sets/hour, depending on the flow of your clients.

Q3: What color backdrops do you have?

A: You can choose from the following:

1) Midnight Black

2) Fire Engine Red

3) Brown

4) White

5) Forest Green

Q4: What size are the photos printed by the photo booth?

A: The prints are a standard 4×6″ size.

Q5: Is there any customization on the printed photos?

A: Yes, you clients can choose to have different layouts.

Q6: How much space is required to operate the photo booth?

A: The photo booth is more than 8 feet wide, and about 8 feet deep. A separate small table would also be recommended to place props on.

Q7: How long does it take to set-up?

A: The photo booth takes about 10 minutes to set up and 10 minutes to take down. This is included in all packages.

Q8: What power sources does the photo booth require?

A: The photo booth requires a standard 220V outlet. Our power cord can comfortably extend 15 feet from an outlet.

Discover a New Photo Booth Experience

Our stylish photo booth will keep your clients entertained and coming back for more!